Hannah Guilfoyle is a freelance graphic designer based between Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC

She currently works at Funday Agency 

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Brand + Identity for Twenty Something. A slow fashion leisurewear brand which aims to highlight  the connection between consciousness and comfortability. Conscious of the earth, yourself and your community — all while being comfortable in the garments you wear and where they come from.

Twenty Something explores the theme of questioning, navigating, and reminiscing on “the best years of our lives;” the twenties. Whether you’re in the thick of it, can’t wait to be there, or looking back  — everybody lives through it. Case Study. 2022

Photography by Charlie Dixon

Terrace Chants. An exploration of football typography in England through the 40s until present day. The chants of England's favourite teams are used as a representative medium to display each era's widely used type and systems. This project serves as a nod to the vibrant culture and community of English football through the presentation of iconic team chants and songs. 18 x 24 inches. 

The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob. Editorial and typographical concept design for a Texas Monthly Article. Meet Peggy Jo - a good hearted Texas woman, who wore a disguise, robbing bank after bank. Inspired by western wood type, a good ol’ pair of cowboy boots, and wanted posters. Saddle Stich Bind, 8.5 x 11 inches