Hannah Guilfoyle is a graphic designer specializing in brand identity and art direction. From all over the world, based in Calgary.

2PINES Upfitters
New School Foods
Twenty Something
Terrace Chants
The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob

Beyond the girl who spends countless hours creating mood boards (for fun) and slammin’ coffees like my life depends on it, who am I?

Oh, I’m thrilled you asked. It’s time to get personal.

I’m a Gemini, if that means anything. I’m still trying to figure all that star sh*t out.

I’ve moved around the globe a whole bunch! Not kidding — 7 countries and 10 cities.

I am a big believer that freshly blow-dryed hair is a gift from the heavens. It’s just so fresh, so clean. So fresh and so clean, clean.

On the weekends you can find me as the hostess with the mostess at Sweet Loretta!

I have over three years of agency experience working as a graphic designer on a creative team.

To read more about my experience, I’ve attatched my resume

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Twenty Something

Case study for Emily Carr University of Art + Design Capstone Project

Brand + Identity for Twenty Something. A slow fashion leisurewear brand which aims to highlight  the connection between consciousness and comfortability. Conscious of the earth, yourself and your community — all while being comfortable in the garments you wear and where they come from.

Twenty Something explores the theme of questioning, navigating, and reminiscing on “the best years of our lives;” the twenties. Whether you’re in the thick of it, can’t wait to be there, or looking back  — everybody lives through it.

Flat Lay Garment Photography by Charlie Dixon